2017 ‘Level III Training: ’21 Stages of Meditation’ at Kundalini Yoga Denver Begins Oct. 14, 2017


The 21 Stages of Meditation Courses: A Journey to the Self’ is open to all individuals.  No previous experience is necessary.  All that is required is an inquisitive mind, an open heart, a desire to truly self-investigate  and a sincere willingness to explore the deeper layers of one’s own intrinsic nature.

The Course is presented in three segments each referred to as ‘Journeys’.  Each ‘Journey’ is highly experiential and meditative in nature. IMPORTANT NOTE: Each ‘Journey’ is a stand-alone segment.  One need not take the ‘Journeys’ in sequence.  One can choose to take one or  two, or all three ‘Journeys’.  These can be taken at any time and anywhere the course is offered. Click here for more information on course content.

-Kundalini Yoga Denver Course Schedule is as follows: Journey I Sat. & Sun. Oct. 14-15;   Journey II Sat. & Sun. Oct. 28-29;    Journey III Sat. & Sun. Nov. 11-12, 2017.  The Denver course is ideal for those who live in the city with only weekends to devote to course study.  Contact Rich Williams (AKA Inder Jot) by phone at 303-587-9444 or by  E Mail, yogi@kundaliniyogadenver.com.

“If  you check out your life, 80% of your mistakes occur because you are not inside of you.”  Yogi Bhajan